Research and Planning/Hand in Folder: November 4th

Finished Music Video: December 16th

Finished Website/CD Cover/Evaluation/Blog:13th January

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

kate nash's website

when designing out own website we had to consider our music genre and target audience. looking at our artists website it helped generate ideas..
as you can see the the images are in black and white however look sketched this adds to the quirkyness of kate nash as an artist. the writing looks child like and very basic and simple. the images consisting of animals add to the naturalistic feel of the image.

when you enter the main website with the links on to move onto a seperate tab, however we feel this website looks quite messy with lots of things going on ...
the main concepts of her quirkyness and indie image still portrays through the use of sketching.

evaluation :)

Thursday, 13 January 2011

the gay scene

Here is the scene where the girl our 'kate nash' finds out the boy she is in love with is gay. without showing too much it is appropriate we slowed it down in slow motion so its clear what is happening to the audience. 


Here is our party scene. As the lyrics say ' and i went to that party everyone they looked kind of arty ' we elaborated on this and everyone in this picture was dressed as a toy .. this added to our humour element in our video and increased the quirkyness. 

bad times

Here she is dreaming about holding hands with 'Chris' we put a black and white effect over the top to show the contrast and make it clear that she is dreaming however we wanted to put a blur around the edge for more impact however every time we applied the effect the mac crashed and closed our project. After many times on re-applying this effect we gave up and came to terms with the fact it wasnt going to work :(