Research and Planning/Hand in Folder: November 4th

Finished Music Video: December 16th

Finished Website/CD Cover/Evaluation/Blog:13th January

Tuesday, 2 November 2010


In our music video we want our costumes to represent our artist well. We want all of our characters in our video to be in bright or vintage clothing with similar accessories. Similarly to the costume being with this theme we want the girls bedroom to be full of lots of clutter and photographs and its and bobs stuck all around.

As you can see here in the picture Kate Nash is wearing a bright coloured vintage dress with cute black patent shoes. She has a quirky little set of DJ decks with her and a little abstract light coming down. All of these little things add to Kate Nash's over all image.

This costume and surrounding also represents Kate Nashs quirky image through costume ad set. She again is wearing bright colours with little abstract props such as posters in the background. There is also an effect n the camera to make the picture look old and antique this is an effect that we could consider using in our music video or album cover.

I found this image and thought that it represented well the image we want our characters to have. The big  print oversize jumper is a very iconic vintage thing to wear therefor we will ask around for one or look in the shops for one that our main character can wear.

These geek glasses will be worn by our lead girl to show her cute innocent but still quirky look. These glasses are seen as extremely fashionable to be wearing at the moment as many famous fashion icons wear them and therefore they will still show Kate Nash's high fashion image but still seam like the innocent character of the girl in the story. 

As you can see this is a photo off Myleene Class a well known fashion icon from from channel 4's 'ten years younger' is seen as a well dressed women who gives great fashion advice. In this photo Myleene is wearing a pair of ray bans these are a brand of glasses which tend to have a vintage and geek look which would be ideal for our artist to wear and we have a look a like version of these ready for our lead girl to wear. 

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