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Finished Music Video: December 16th

Finished Website/CD Cover/Evaluation/Blog:13th January

Thursday, 4 November 2010

ideas for fonts on our website and cd cover :)

Gabriel Serif
promised freedom


these are all possible fonts we liked for our website and digi pack design.
we explored a range of defferent fonts to see which one we liked best overall after finding that the first one we feel it was too heavy and more towards the rock genre the last 3 would be most appropriate.
We decided the last font was too posh and more for a classical genre so therefore we decided we both really liked the 2nd font eliza jane :)
after looking into her website we looked at the images and found the images looked as if they were drawn to keep it different and quirky therefor font 2 would be most appropriate and suitable to our style linking with images on the homepage. 

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