Research and Planning/Hand in Folder: November 4th

Finished Music Video: December 16th

Finished Website/CD Cover/Evaluation/Blog:13th January

Thursday, 4 November 2010


in the video a line of the lyrics includes 'and she did some really nasty stuff down in the park with michael' so therefore a short clip and a minor location is the park. We want to show the girl walking with the named character 'michael' then she drags him of screen into a bush implying what she is going to do with him however without showing it, we hope this will add to the humour side of our video and relate to our target audience :)

(main location used in video) 

This is the location that we will be filming most of our music video. We had a number of locations that could have been appropriate for our video however we thought this fitted our story best. This will be the house of the main girl and some of the shots of her singing will be outside of this house. We felt that as it is a cute white cottage looking house it would suit the image of the cute love struck nerd in our story. Also as the house is white it will be a good background to use when recording as it will help for the character to show up. 

Nottingham, Hockley (1 scene will be filmed here) 

We are going to do some of the filming in Nottingham town in Hockley. We have chosen this location as its the area of Nottingham that is full off vintage shops and little boutiques and we felt that this would be an appropriate location for our character to be in as this would be the sort of area that she would hang out with friends or shop in and this is the same for the main guy who is also an indie/ vintage character. 

' cow' Nottingham (vintage shop)

'Vintage Warehouse' Nottingham (vintage shop) 

These images above are images of the inside of 'Cow' and 'vintage warehouse' these are two places in Hockley, Nottingham that you can get vintage clothes and we will be filming around these areas and possibly inside the shops too. As you can see from these pictures all of the clothes are vibrant and colourful and this gives us an insight of what we want our characters to wear when filming. 

(Birthday banner idea for party scene) 

This will be the birthday banner shown on the house when the party scenes come into the music video. The bright pastel colours match the theme and seam appropriate to use. This will help indicate to the audience the change of location and scene and identify that it has changed to a house party. 

(cluttered mirror image) 
As you can see from this photo it has been taken in a mirror and you can see the clutter and photos around the mirror. This is the mirror that we will b using in our music video and we will add more photos on there of the boy that our character is stalking and also herself on there with photos of hearts drawn around them to show that she is in love with him. This cluttered image of the mirror will also show the personality of the character and also of our artist Kate Nash. 

(Kate Nash individual image) 

This image of Kate Nash shows that as a person she doesn't care about looking perfect all the time in a perfect surrounding. Unlike artist such as Beyonce, Kate Nash doesn't prioritize her image and look over the quality of her music and we want to bring this across in our music video.  As  you can see in this image there is clutter all around and a strongbow can in the background. This image is the one that we want to portray in our location as we will have the cluttered bedroom and mirror.  This cluttered mise-en-sen is one that we  want to run throughout our music video to give that vintage look. 

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