Research and Planning/Hand in Folder: November 4th

Finished Music Video: December 16th

Finished Website/CD Cover/Evaluation/Blog:13th January

Thursday, 4 November 2010

video research :)

kickstart - example 
we got alot of inspiration from this video as we really enjoyed the split screen showed in this video and felt if looked really good and effective therefore we want to use this idea in our own video :)

kate nash - pumkin soup 
we loved this video because of its originality and quirkyness as we felt it reflects kate nash's character very well.
we were influenced this through the use of its bright colours making it interesting also the use of costume and props!

kate nash - mouthwash
we really enjoyed how she started in the mirror looking at herself and starting the song knowing its from her point of view :) we thought this was an effective opening and drew you in straight away to carry on watching, 

kesha - your love is my drug 
although this artist doesnt catorgarise into the indie -pop genre we really liked some techniques she used in her video.
in this image you can see a cartoon heart between the two characters, we really liked this and intent to use cartoon images in our video and it takes away the naturalistic feel and adds to the quirky fun feel we are aiming for. 

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