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Thursday, 4 November 2010

Kate Nash's Website :) 

this is kate nash's actual website! although the colours contrast to her bright personality the simplicity is effective. 
The pictures are in black and white almost like someone has drawn them coming away from the neat prestige photo's for example the stars almost like a child has drawn them. We really liked this as we thought it looked cute and appropriate to her target audience of girls who like the indie pop genre and quirky images like these.
The vintage tv increases her quirky individual style and instantly comes up with her latest video this is good and it gives her fans constant updates of what is new. This we could use ourselves. 
The layout is very simple and easy to understand, this is good as other websites we had seen instantly comes up with a homepage flooded with text for example Lilly Allen's although we liked the colours we had used this home page has a must better layout :)

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