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Monday, 1 November 2010

Home page Analysis


The Home page on this website has a video of his latest track to instantly get you aware of his style and image. The colour schemes are dark yet all matching and his name logo is iconic at the top of the site. All important details are added such as tour dates and news about him, we liked this website however we want to make ours more colourful, happy and vibrant to show Kates character symbolically. 


we found when you first open the homepage there is alot of information shown however when you look into more detail you can see that all the information given is relevant to tour dates, lilly allen news, what she's been up to and mp3 downlaoads. this homepage is more fun and exciting then Jamie T's however we intend ours to be alot more colourful and more quirky images rather than blocks of text.


When opening this home page you are welcomed with a big picture of a recording studio with cartoon images inclued such as wires and microphones. There are alot more videos and images in this than with Lilly Allen's and Jamie T's. This is more along the lines of what we are wanting to do but with more colour. The majority of there music videos are on the homepage of there website and it is set out like a bog. We like this as it makes it more simple and easy to use.

This homepage was set out nicely with different sections under relevant headings which were easy to understand, the font type links to his image and key things are shown such as, video's, a blog and latest news. A picture of him is the largest thing on the site which we felt was good as you are shown the artist instantly and it is iconic. 

This site was different from the others however we liked it the most how it was set out differently and had an enterance page to enter the site it was more clear and less text appeared making it more clear and easy to see things. Lots of images of pixie appeared and the colour scheme linked to her as the colours were pink and girlie to her style and genre of song. It appeared more personal with casual pictures of her at latest places she had appeared and we realised this is how we want ours to be more personal to connect to our audience. 

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